Mister Kay And Victor Collins Embody Lagos Dating Life On ’10pm in Lekki’

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Mister Kay and Victor Collins are part of the revolution built on diversity that the industry is going through at the moment, powered by their unique blend of genuine lyrics and smooth vocals in perfect synchronization to birth an Afro-RnB symphony. They recognize the importance of cultural fusions on their latest, in a bid to deliver a relatable and persona-defining body of work eponymously titled, 10pm in Lekki.

According to the duo, if you have moved around the streets of Lagos, their home city at night, you will have a different perspective on life after seeing various characters. 10pm in Lekki is just a story of one of such characters. It describes a woman scorned by love and a violent lover wary of a new lover on the streets of Lekki. Mister Kay and Victor Collins achieved equilibrium in their vocal balancing whilst delivering a song that will make any listener come alive.

10pm in Lekki takes listeners on a rhythmic journey powered by smooth vocals and undeniable blues. It’s also the perfect herald to their soon-to-be-released project.

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