Moelogo’s Fourth EP ‘ME’ Is A Stunning Reintroduction And Transition

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Since the release of his acclaimed EP, Ireti, Moelogo has navigated the industry with a work hard and stay humble approach to his special intoxicating brew of traditional African music, rich blues, and bouncy Pop that has been both a blessing and curse. It’s been more than three years since we witnessed the potency of his uniqueness and while he’s had a keen eye on the mainstream, his absence loosened his grip on prominence. However, he returns this week, staking his claim to music royalty with a five-track wholly, mainstream independent EP that’s enough to fill the void his hiatus created in the industry titled Me.

Steady minimalist but rich Afrobeat production underscores Moelogo’s falsetto transcendent vocals and captivating narratives that reminds us why he’s poised as one of the industry’s greatest promise of multitalented all-rounders with just the right amount of nonconformism to balance out his uniqueness. This, apart from his rich diversification of love, is the spirit and soul of the crisp project.

With no features and a towering presence, Moelogo stands front and center on Me. This points to the fact that besides his intoxicating vocals and colorful charisma, his strength lies in control which he exhibits by way of featureless tracks, that allow him to perfectly decide his fate over the five songs. On Bluesy Afropop hybrid, For You, Moelogo is sweet, sensual, and daring in his approach which he ditches on percussion-driven I Wonder, the hopeful cut that features his meek persona. The Moelogo whose fascination for his culture trumps his other influences appears on Sango and Oya among the other five tracks on which we enjoy his perfect union of sound, culture and talent.

Void of vocal frills but deep in emotions and heavy on sound, Me is Moelogo’s reintroduction and transition to grown and sexy comeback bound to catapult him back to relevance.


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