MojoAF Taps AYLØ and Paula B for Mid Tempo Perfection on Sweet

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Mojo links up with AYLØ & Paula B for a mid tempo track titled Sweet that takes bits of Mojo’s indigenous sauve punchlines, bits of AYLØ and Paula B’s sultry and heady vocals fused with mellow, airy synths & pads fine tuned to bring about a sound that is an overhaul of cultured trap, soul and jazz.

Mojo is a writer in Yoruba and English language who loves documenting story-telling through music as evidenced in Sweet where he tells the story of a relationship from once upon a time, although good, was happening at the wrong time. 

Alongside AYLØ & Paula B, he revisits the memory of what was “too sweet it was bad for health”. This offering which is his first of 2018 is a soulful hip–hop ensemble, mixed & mastered by Higo.