More Action, Intrigues, And Suspense As Wura Returns For Season Two 

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More Action, Intrigues, And Suspense As Wura Returns For Season Two 

Following the success of its first season,  Showmax Original action thriller, Wura is back for a second season and premieres on Monday, 4 December 2023, with four new episodes every week. 

Consolidating on the intrigue, action, and suspense from the first season, the second installment of the series promises more intrigue, drama, suspense, and scandalous moments. 

Captivating the hearts of Nigerians with its suspenseful episodes, Wura is the Nigerian remake of the popular South African 1Magic series The River, it chronicles the lives of those brought together and torn apart by the finding of gold in Iperindo, a tiny Osun state town where the story is set. The mysterious Wura-Amoo Adeleke, the show’s lead character, is a lady with two personalities: on the one hand, she is the ruthless CEO of Frontline Gold Mine; a model wife and mother, and on the other hand, she’s the ultimate Iron Lady because of her boundless drive for success.

The first season opened with Pa-Kuti’s (Ropo Ewenla) discovery of gold, which he only revealed to Wura (Scarlet Gomez), at a time when her mine seemed to be running out, Wura’s lust for power drove her to kill Pa-Kuti. Unknown to her that Pa-Kuti had sent his daughter, Tumi (Martha Ehinome) a letter in which he revealed the truth about his discoveries. She manages to slip away from the authorities in a clever move but her list of enemies grew during the season, and she kept eliminating anyone who dared to threaten her.

Reiterating an action-packed second season, the show’s executive producer Rogers Ofime says, “Viewers can expect a rich tapestry of character development, as the major characters navigate through intense situations, make tough choices, and evolve in response to the ever-changing circumstances,” 

In Season 2, things take a chaotic turn as Fola seeks forgiveness from Dimeji and Paulina, who is unwilling to forgive him even though Dimeji tries to see reason. Meanwhile, Kanyin’s desperation with ending Wura has forced her into even more desperate actions. This time around, it’s something she can’t recover from as Wura has evidence that can keep her away for good.

With Scarlet Gomez playing Wura Amoo-Adeleke, the ensemble cast of Wura consists of both established Nollywood actors and up-and-coming talent. They include Yomi Fash-Lanso, Carol King, Ray Adeka, Iremide Adeoye, Ego Iheanacho, Martha Ehinome, and Lanre Adediwura. 

Wura Season 2 will debut exclusively on Showmax on Monday, December 4, 2023, with four new episodes released every week, Monday through Thursday.