Morien’s Talents Are On Display On Sophomore EP ‘Harmony On Your Lips’

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In 2020, Morien released his self-titled debut EP to acclaim and criticism. Like most debuts, Morien was the bump he needed to take his budding career to the next level and since its release, he’s been coasting off its high. Less than a year following this debut, he returns, still wielding his native sound on Harmony On Your Lips, his sophomore effort.

As with the aim of his disposition, the five-track EP follows unique routes. From its production to lyricism and the general composition of all the elements that make it up, the difference is palpable. With songs like titular, Harmony On Your Lips to others like Overflow, Obianuju, and Dragon, Morien’s foremost and most promising feature: storytelling, is on display, along with his other skills.


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