Mr Eazi Asks To Be Calmed Down On New Single “Pour Me Water”

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Considering how much he has been on our lips this year, it is hard to believe that Pour Me Water is the first official single Mr Eazi dropping in 2017. How? Well he featured on tons of songs, dropped a couple music (and dance) videos and made A LOT of noise on Twitter while he toured the world.

The song was produced by E-Kelly, who was also behind Leg Over. Probably not on the same level as Leg Over, Short SkirtSkin Tight, but easily a record you’ll rinse and repeat. On the same chilled “Eazi” vibe as most of his other records but leading to the question about other styles he can explore to hook his fans.

Mr Eazi is yet to release a music video for the song but as usual, he has got us covered with an audio-visual video and an exciting dance video (which only had a couple shots of him). Check them out below:



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