Watch Mr Eazi talk Influences, African Sound and more in TIDAL Documentary.

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mr eazi tidal documentary
Mr Eazi has pushed his Lagos to Accra mixtape turned album with a world tour and set the blueprint that needs to be followed if Afrobeat music is to take over the world. While taking on shows in the US, Eazi met up with TIDAL for a documentary which sees him speak about Nigerian music from the 1990s and the new push to the world, his early engagement with music, his dreams for African acts who aren’t necessarily pop leaning and much more.
In what is generally an interesting take, Mr Eazi drops the ball where he claims that:
“Back in Africa, you can’t book us, we only play at our shows back in Africa and that way we control the quality of the show and its production.”
That take is controversial on a multitude of layers, first of all, he speaks with confidence that suggests he speaks for the continent which is not true. Secondly, that take is completely false, Mr Eazi has only hosted one concert in Nigeria. However, we know he has performed numerous times across the country.