Mr P teams up with Niniola for sultry new Afro-House single ‘One More Night’

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Mr P’s comeback has seen him diversify from the path he and his brother followed when they first appeared in the industry. As if in a bid to blend in with the fast evolving industry, Mr P has attempted the exploration of darker and more brazen themes in his recent releases.

Coming from an infusion of latin pop and modern zulu in his last collaboration with Simi; Zombie, Mr P decides to take the Kwaito route this time with Niniola in the fast paced One More Night in which he plays with sexual themes crowned by Niniola’s sensuality and affinity for the Afro-House genre.

As they harmonize over Daihard Beat’s bouncy soundscape, we get a sense of Mr P’s tenacity and unwavering desire to stay in the game as a top player.

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