MTV’s Shuga Is Peerless At Delivering The Highest Level of Entertainment and Social Value

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Adebola Aduwo

MTV Shuga is a TV show with amazing content, something totally different from what we’re all used to. Somehow finding a way to merge entertainment value and social value in a manner this generation ca do with, the job Shuga continues to do is impressive. Extending its range beyond any specific demographic, Shuga teaches African populaces priceless lessons on sex education.

Four episodes into the sixth season, Shuga has continued to improve with both the entertainment and presence of social commentary in such fashion that viewers continue to stay locked in. On the current season of MTVShugaNaija, themes such as teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, bullying, safe sex negotiation, relationship power struggles, child marriage, family planning and contraceptive methods are all being covered and broken down.

Some interesting new characters such as Faa played by Adebukola Oladipupo, the amazing big sister who would do whatever it takes to put smiles on her siblings’ faces, Diana (Helena Nelson), the not-so-smart school bully, Corper Yasmin (Rahama Sadau) who tries so hard to break the norm, creating new ways to educate teenagers on sexual health, and many others, continue to do a brilliant job in clearly passing across the intended message to viewers.

The importance of this show cannot be overemphasized. With feedback mechanisms that suggest many viewers wished they had access to such information at an earlier ages, its clear that sex education is something the larger Nigerian society does not get enough of and the job Shuga is doing is transformational, also because of the size of the network behind it. MTV’s Shuga has created a platform for people to learn from and ponder on their choices when it comes to sexual health.

If you haven’t been watching MTVShuga, you really should do so.