Mufasa Debuts with Chance Featuring Omar and Famous Bobson

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As the years have gone by, DJs have moved from being exclusively jockeys at events to actually putting out music. In American circles, DJ Khaled has become known for radio friendly records and on the Nigerian side, the likes of DJ Spinall and DJ Consequence have held their fair share of successful records often without saying a word on it but instead by channeling their ideas through the musicians. DMG’s Mufasa is also making that jump from simply moving between the records of the musicians to birthing his ideas as he releases his first single, Chance featuring Omar and Famous Bobson.

With lines like “if you give me one chance you no go regret” it’s not a record with a story we are yet to hear as Bobson and Omar map the attempts to convince a love interest they are the pieces her life lacks. The beauty in the record lies in the fact that we continue to see young artists make afro-pop music we can all agree is quality.

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