Mukhy Makes His Official Debut With ‘Posh Life’

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Meet Mukhy, a Nigerian born UK resident and a new member of Cabal entertainment. Born Mukhtar Sarumi, he started making music at a young age; rapping with his friend Shosho (now Polosho) every day after school. He eventually moved from Lagos to London where he stayed doing music on the side while completing his education.

After securing a first-class degree and city job as a banker in London, Mukhy decided to abandon the suit and tie for his true love — music. While the world shut down last year, he focused on making music and working on his sound which is a fusion of RnB, Afrobeats, and Hip Hop. He puts his unique sound, swag and unique pov (point of view) into his debut single Posh Life.

“I am very excited for us to share Mukhy’s talent, energy and music with the world, I believe he has a lot to offer and in time the fans will embrace his enthusiasm and fresh take and attitude, welcome to posh life season,” says Obi Asika, Founder Cabal entertainment.

Mukhy is in his element on Posh Life as he rides the Ransom produced beat talking about the good life with powerful vocals on the hook from the talented Babbz.

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