Muyiwa And Bankyondbeatz Join Supreme Forces On Joint EP ‘Hard Guy’

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In the past months, Muyiwa Akhigbe and Bankyondeatz have been building upon their Producer and Artist relationship in a manner reminiscent of Sarz and Wurld last year, with a number of singles which have culminated this week to a six-track EP titled Hard Guy, that draws its roots from a solid and profitable relationship fostered by a shared affinity for experimental but exquisite sounds.

A play on words, Hard Guy is a soft landing of Muyiwa’s cataclysmic emotions and Bankyondbeatz’s passion-filled and inspired instrumentals. Muyiwa’s checkered lyricism begins to counter the EP’s title from the first track ‘Anymore‘ which finds him relying on naive emotions during a breakup that plays out in the first few seconds of the soft EDM track. The tracks that follow are liquid fire, hot with sentimental words and fluid, like Muyiwa’s unstable feelings, capitalizing on his preference for raw deliveries backed by heavy emotions.

With just one feature, Ore Macaulay who comes in on the last track, Healing, Muyiwa, and Banky prove themselves to be a formidable duo unaffected by the everchanging fabric of the music industry and only attuned to what they can offer their fans who by all indications, stand to gain a lot from the compatible duo.