My First Time #1

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First time #1So my first time, happened while I was in University. It was after one of those night out with the lads. I bumped into a girl that I knew from Uni. We were pretty close and we had a thing for each other.

She asked me to come back to hers after the night out to ‘chill’. I knew what she meant by chill so I got in that cab ASAP. When I got to hers we started talking about stuff. You know how you make small talk while you guys wait for the main event to take place?

One thing led to another and my hand and her hands were in all kinds of places. We were kissing and before I knew it we were doing it. It wasn’t awkward at all. However we had to have a little search and rescue mission half way through because the condom ‘disappeared’. Luckily we found it and got back to business.

Honestly, I don’t regret my first time. I learnt a lot from it and enjoyed every moment. The only thing is although we were pretty close I now know that I would have preferred to do it with someone I had stronger feelings for. It would have been so much better in all aspects. You might crave it now and want to do it with the first person you like. You might even get the opportunity to do it but I’ll say wait. I’m not sure that ‘Like’ is a strong enough feeling for you to go ahead with it. Anyway if you feel you’re ready just make sure it’s the right person. Oh! If possible wait till marriage (That’s the good boy in me speaking).

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