My First Time #10

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Closeup portrait of young couple looking at each other while lying in bed smiling I was 17 years old and had just met this awesome guy at an over 21 night club. We exchanged a number of texts and calls for 8 days before deciding to meet up again. I told my parents I was going to sleep over at my best friends house so they dropped me off at the train station. Once they dropped me, he picked me up.

I went back to his and chilled with him and his parents. They were so welcoming. We were watching television and it got late so his mother got up to go to bed and said to me “Right, so how are you getting home? Have you called a taxi?” to which I almost died, knowing fully well I had no intention of going home that night. She finally left us and we went up to his room. We started fooling around and then he tried to have sex with me. I was like “Woah! Woah! Condom?’,  to which he replied “Shit!” This led to him frantically searching for a condom. He had none so it reached the point he started calling his friends who lived close by to ask if they had any. Then I was like “F**k it”. And then it just happened.

The next day after I had left, his mother asked him about me and he said “She’s lovely. A really good girl, like Virgin Mary” to which she replied “Really? Didn’t sound like it.”

I don’t actually remember the actual sex part at all. I know it wasn’t painful like most women say and I didn’t bleed but writing this has actually made me realise how fucking funny my story is!

I ended up having an amazing 4 year relationship with this guy. My first real mature relationship. His mother and I became the best of friends.

I’m 22 now and would never advice any young girl to get into a car with a stranger they met at a club and  go to their house to have unprotected sex with them! Even though it worked out awesomely for me it was an extremely crazy and risky thing to do!