My First Time #12

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I was 19 . That summer, my holidays were spent by the seaside. One night I was with a bunch of friends, at a bonfire with lots of alcohol. I was so drunk. Like very very drunk. This guy who was friends with my best friend who I’d known for 2 days and I started talking . We started with some cool things but nothing that deep then he started fingering me.  All of a sudden I felt something bigger in me. It took me about 2 minutes to realize we were actually having sex because I was so drunk that I couldn’t think normally. On the beach . Completely drunk. I remember I told myself “OMG!  Is this happening? Oh wow! It’s not that terrible…But Holy shit! ”

It didn’t hurt, I didn’t bleed and when it was done we went back home together . It was without a condom. And as I wasn’t taking any birth control, I went to the pharmacy asking for a morning after pill which I took straight away.

I don’t regret it . Actually I prefer it this way because I wasn’t stressed about not being good enough for the guy. I didn’t bleed and it didn’t hurt at all so it was almost perfect. It just happened. I laugh about it every time  I remember it

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