My First Time #2

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funny #2

It’s was on a Friday, Summer 2011. It was Ramadan season and she was Muslim. Naturally I just wanted to get it over with so Yeah! Man just spat some lyrics for the babe. When she finally let a brother get a feel, I pulled out a rubber because (body count)  and to avoid looking like a fool.  I’d learnt how to wear this stuff the night before. 😂😂😂

Man slid up in this babe and started hitting and hitting. I had one goal and one goal only: to K.O the p*ssy. After the first few strokes she looked at me amused. It’s like she was saying  ” What do you think you’re doing?” In my head, I was like ” All that RedTube didn’t pay off”  so I just came clean and explained to her that this was uncharted territory. She took it well then told me to lie on my back. Then she proceeded to give me me the ride of my life. She owned me. I was her property that day.  

Right after, we played video games. As you do.  I wouldn’t say I regret it, it was a great way to get my baptism.