My First Time #3

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black-couple5 (1)I had just turned 19 when I lost my virginity to a very very close friend. I felt like I had been ready to lose it for quite a while but she told me she would never lose it until she turned 18 (we spoke about things like that). So we waited. Once she turned 18 and was officially of age, we never really planned a specific night for it to happen. One night I went round to hers like I usually did.
This time it was different. One thing led to another and I found myself on my knees licking her out. The look on her face said it all: she was loving it! Things continued to escalate and naturally, we went all the way…you can fill in the blanks.

I don’t regret my first time at all. In fact I’m more than happy I lost it to someone I really cared about at the time. The sex itself was, well shit and a bit awkward but I guess that comes with it being your first time. Still I loved my first time because it was with her. So my advice to all is to wait for the right person: it will be well worth it.

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