emPawa’s Namenj Guns For Offer Maximum Pleasure On ‘Fatana’

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The Northern Nigerian star of Mr Eazi’s emPawa initiative, Oyo native, Namenj, continues to push boundaries in a bid to familiarize the world with his sound, and seemingly, his actions seem to be successful as the road to his latest, Fatana was rife with anticipation.

Accompanied by a heartwarming video highly reminiscent of his emPawa debut, Rayuwata, Fatana from start to finish is articulated in Namenj’s preferred Northern dialect that comes off as exquisite, innate, and passionate even as he moves to place his muse on the highest pedestal in his life. In the video, the couple enjoys a day out in the sun, expressing their feelings for each other with Namenj taking the lead and even dazzling his viewers in the same vein.

Northern Nigeria does not pander to any mainstream dictate but Namenj, with the exposure from emPawa and his undeniable talent, seeks to change that and Fatana is just one solid proof of his prowess.


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