Nasty C Releases Two Emotionally Charged Videos for ‘SMA’

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Nasty C has put out not one, but two different videos to accompany SMA, one of the stand out singles off his album, Strings and Bling.

The emotionally packed single paints a vivid picture of a rip in a problematic relationship between Nasty C and his partner using conversational style lyrics which is well mirrored in both videos.

Nasty C SMA Videos
Via YouTube: Nasty_C

In the first video, the Kyle White directed video switches between scenes starring both Nasty C and Rowlene clad in all white on a roof top and an estranged couple having a fit in a bedroom.

However, the second video directed by Nani Chehore, though falling within the same scope, does so using high school sweethearts instead.

Nasty C SMA video
Via YouTube: Nasty_C

Just like a number of artists, the South African rapper had quite the year in 2018 stemming from the success of the critically acclaimed album.

You can listen to the single here and check out Nasty C in both videos for SMA below:

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