National Identity Number: Bank Generated Pins Not Enough to Link with SIM Card

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Yesterday, the National Identity Management Commission(NIMC) disclosed that the National Identification Number(NIN) generated at the point of registering for Bank Verification Numbers(BVN) cannot be linked without validation at its centre.

You must complete your NIN registration even if your BVN has generated a NIN. If your NIN was generated due to the BVN record harmonisation with the National Identity Database, you will not have access to the NIMC mobile app and your NIN-SIM integration will be invalid. Kindly visit an enrollment centre to complete your NIN registration.

The need to get a NIN became vital owing to blockage of mobile numbers not linked with it asides other means of identification already put in place by the federal government. Last year, the deadline for linkage was extended from December 30th to January 19th while citizens without a NIN were given until the 9th of February 2021. While this is ongoing, SIM cards cannot be retrieved or registered by any telecommunications company.

Nigerians with NINs generated via registration of BVNs had earlier rejoiced at the prospect of not having to queue at centres thereby endangering their lives to the deadly coronavirus.

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