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We realize that travelers determine their vacation destination based largely on the things to do in an area. Well, we have news for you: There is so much to do on a Rocky Mountain vacation that you’ll be hard-pressed to fit it all in a single vacation, so if you want to enjoy a vacation you can get many ideas about the tour on

Start Hiking:

More than 350 miles of trails crisscross the park, linking together alpine lakes, jagged peaks, thick lodgepole pine forests, and rocky tundra. Dominating the skyline, and topping out at 14,259 feet, Longs Peak is the ultimate adventure for enthusiastic hikers.

See Wildlife:

Home to thousands of elk, mule deer, marmots, bighorn sheep, and the occasional black bear, it’s not uncommon to have your park experience include a wildlife sighting. Often, you’ll spot herds of elk right when you go through the park’s Beaver Meadows entrance station in Estes Park.

Enjoy Waterfall:

A majority of the parks 30-plus waterfalls can be found east of the Continental Divide in two heavily concentrated areas: Wild Basin and Glacier Gorge. Fern Lake Trailhead is also a popular place to access several waterfalls due to its close proximity to Moraine Park and Moraine Park Campground.

Mountain Peaks:

Rocky Mountain National Park is known for its mountain ranges. The Mummy Range is in the north end of the park. Also, don’t miss snagging a few views of the Never Summer Mountains on the Park’s western border. And of course, the famous Longs Peak can be seen from many overlooks and trails in the park.

Enjoy Camping:

There are five drive-in campgrounds and one drive-in group camping area inside the park. Can’t find a campsite inside Rocky Mountain Park? Don’t worry. It’s bordered by the Never Summer Wilderness, Arapaho National Recreation Area, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Roosevelt National Forest, and Comanche Peak Wilderness. No matter which one you visit, there is usually always a place to pitch a tent, park an RV or hike a few miles into the backcountry.

Tour Guide:

We know exploring a national park can be an exciting activity to do on your own, but why not spend a few hours and check out a ranger-led program or let an expert show you around? Our partner, Wildland Trekking, offers fantastic day and multi-day trips in Rocky Mountain National Park.