A New Dance Step and Bootylicious Babes Is All to Look Forward To in Rora

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Recently, Lil Kesh dropped Rora, another single (I predict) to come off his sophomore album. Having granted the song multiple listens with the hope that it will grow on me, the opposite has been the case.

I however made the prediction that should the video ever be released, the only thing to be looked forward to would be the dance step. I was not wrong. With the release of the video, Lil Kesh enthusiastically performs this new dance step accompanied with a bombardment of bootylicious babes. The only other thing I failed to predict. Asides this, in actuality, there is nothing more to Rora (song and video).

However, directed by TvToxic (responsible for Sneakbo’s Active ft Giggs), he recreates the theme of flashy images, bright lights, fast-paced close-up shots and admirable editing skills. Good to watch.


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