Newly-Appointed Canadian Minister, Kaycee Madu Has a Message of Goodwill for Nigerians

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On April 30, 2019, Nigerian-born Canadian Kelechi Madu, also known as Kaycee Madu, was appointed to the Executive Council of Alberta as the justice minister and solicitor general of Alberta, a province in Canada. A member of the United Conservative Party, Madu is the first Nigerian-born cabinet member in Alberta. Madu has taken the mantle in his responsibility against racial prejudice in Alberta. His powerful statement goes as follows:

“I’ve always said my story could only have been possible in my province of Alberta… I love my home country, Nigeria, but there is no question that I look forward to a day when my fellow countrymen and women in that country can achieve their God-given potential, regardless of the part of the country they come from and regardless of who their parents are.”

47-year-old Madu was born and raised in South-East Nigeria. He obtained a Law degree from the University of Lagos in 2001 and relocated to Canada with his wife in 2005. He has practiced law in both Nigeria and Alberta. With the new appointment, he replaces Doug Schweitzer, the minister of jobs, economy, and innovation. Since the announcement, congratulatory messages have been pouring in for Madu from Black people in the Alberta community and Nigerians all over the world (including President Muhammadu Buhari), who recognize it as a win for the African Diaspora. Madu’s appointment comes at a time when social and economic issues face a peculiar challenge and these facts are not lost on him. As part of his speech in a press statement following the appointment, he says:

“I spent my entire professional career fighting for those who lacked means, including at Legal Aid Alberta, Labour, Immigration, and Human Rights Tribunals, and in the courts. My views on the application of justice and equality will always be integral to who I am as a father, husband, citizen, lawyer, and politician…”

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