Nigeria and Ghana cooperate on Creating Enabling Business Environments

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Talks on reopening of Nigerian shops in Ghana

In August, shops owned by Nigerians in Ghana were closed down after an inter-ministerial task force went around demanding registration of business taxes, residents permit, standard control, and the Ghanaian Investment and Promotion Centre (GIPC) permit.

In lieu of this, Speaker House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila  and Ghana’s senior legislators had a ‘Legislative Diplomacy Bilateral Meeting’ at the Ghanian Parliament House on Wednesday to resolve challenges as well as create an enabling business environment for both countries.

Ghana’s President and Chairman, Head of State ECOWAS, Akufo Addo, supported the request for a review of the Ghanaian Investment and Promotion Permit and a proposal for the establishment of a ‘Nigeria-Ghana Business Council’ by both countries with a joint ministerial committee to oversee its affairs.

I think the way forward, which is really what matters in situations like this, that is being suggested, one that I find very acceptable, the idea of legislation, a Nigeria Ghana business council that will superintendent trade matters and investment matters between our two countries, maybe long overdue.

The time has come for us to take these worthwhile steps. I suggested to Mr. President that it will be a good idea to set up a joint ministerial committee of ministers from both sides who will be responsible for shepherding Ghana and Nigeria issues, reporting to both presidents at any one time, and that is how they should be resolved.

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