Nigeria to acquire attack planes from US for Boko Haram fight

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Super Tucano A-29 aircraft to be sold to Nigeria by the US

The Nigerian government shall acquire high tech aircrafts from the US government in the continuing bid to rid Nigeria of Boko Haram insurgents according to reports from news outlets like ABC News and BBC.

The deal to be reached will see Nigeria purchase up to 12 Embraer A-29 Super Tucano aircrafts with next-level targeting gear for nearly $600 million and was initially agreed on by the Barack Obama administration but failed to go to Congress after the bombing on the Rann IDP back on January 17th.

The A-29 is tagged as the weapon which changed the game in Afghanistan in 2016 and the sale of the US-made weapons shall likely see an improvement in US-Nigeria relations.

Sources: BBC & ABC News

Photo Credit: BBC


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