Nigerian Lives: 4 People Tell Us Their Most Memorable Experiences On Valentine’s Day

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February is the only month with a day selected for lovers and once the month begins, people look forward to celebrating this love-themed day. For some, it’s a great day because of their loved ones, for others, not so much especially if you are single or have had bad experiences. We reached out to four Nigerians, who share their good, bad and ugly  experiences on Valentine’s Day.

Tommy, 26

I had been dating for a while, about 6 months or so before Valentine’s day. This was during my final year in school and I had lots of projects I was doing so she knew I was tied down financially. However, she had already accepted to spend Valentine’s day with me. It was pretty much the only time I had ever celebrated Valentine’s Day and I knew how much it would mean to her. So I had already put some money aside regardless of my projects. I use the money to plan a surprise with her roommates, not knowing this babe also had something planned for me. We decided to spend the entire day together just talking and chilling. While we were talking,  she gave me a couple of gifts and I was actually really grateful because it was everything I wanted. She got her surprise after we spent the entire day together. She got back to the hostel to see her room decorated by her roommates with the things I got for her; cakes, perfumes and shoes. She was very surprised since she was not expecting anything from me and really appreciated it. It’s not like we did anything fantastic but I was happy to have spent the day with someone that was willing to be with me regardless of my financial position. It was a really great experience. She was such a sweetheart and we are actually still very good friends. As the only Valentine’s Day I have ever had so far, its still the best one yet.

Bamidele, 25

It began on the 13th of last year, 2021. She sent me a message. She actually made the move for us to celebrate the day together and I was down for it because I love a woman that knows what she wants. We set the date and she chose where we would go. It was a restaurant on Victoria Island. We teased each other about the clothes we would wear but we didn’t give any full disclosure. On the day, I drove off to the place so I would get there before her. She pulled up in her ride and when she came down, my heart melted. She was looking stunning, beautiful and she brought a lot of gifts and I also got gifts for her. We took pictures at the start, got in, and just talked. It was our first Valentine as a couple so we talked about everything and anything while we made each other laugh. I ensured she blushed through, her cheeks were red by the time we were done and ready to go. It was really a lovely experience.

Favour, 21

I met him at a club in 2021. He got me a drink, we got talking, danced the whole night and exchanged numbers afterwards. We started chatting and it was going well but I wanted to take things slow to avoid getting heartbroken. He seemed like he was really into me and all so we kept vibing. On Valentine’s Day, he confirmed what my gut feeling had been telling me. Turns out I was not the only girl he was dealing with. He posted up his babe on that day. I felt bad but not so bad since I had already had my suspicions.

Ini, 30

There was this guy (let’s call him X(, who liked me. I was a student at the time. He had already graduated from my school and was living in Lagos. We had been talking for a while but I was not expecting anything since we were not in a relationship. Unknown to me, he had made plans with a mutual friend. I was minding my business in school when my friend showed up with a box of cupcakes, a bottle of red wine and X the phone. I was very surprised. I took the phone, thanked him while expressing my shock and excitement. That night, I shared the cupcakes and wine with my friends. It’s been several years later and I still remember that day.

This article is based on real-life events. Names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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