Nigerian Lives: 7 Men Tell Us What It’s Like To Eat Ass And Get Their Ass Eaten

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Ass eating, licking, rimming, analingus, biting the peach, or tossing the salad, whatever you call it, is a fascinating concept for several reasons. For some people, it’s a taboo, a no-go area; for others, it’s a must-have or an enticing kink that continues to amass a growing number of fans. In a homophobic country like Nigeria, it’s a subject that straight men appear to be slower to embrace, at least publicly. During our research, we found out that it appears to be a different story behind closed doors as more men than you would think have dipped into the ass pond, at least once. Those who have indulged in the act, tell us that ass eating is pleasurable, whether you are giving or receiving. From having it on their to-do list to being curious or freaky, seven Nigerian men tell us about their eating ass experience: 

Sean, 24

Eating pussy inspired me to eat ass. There is a reason why it’s called rimming. The pleasure comes from licking around the asshole, then sticking your tongue in it if she really likes that. That’s more pleasure. I got intimate with this babe and I was eating her pussy in a doggy position, ass up, face down. My tongue just grazed upwards and licked her asshole. For me, I was always like ‘I will never do that because it was weird,’ but it didn’t taste nasty. I didn’t taste anything bad. It tasted like I was eating pussy still and her reaction was different from how it was when I was eating her pussy. It was almost like she enjoyed that more. It kinda sparked my curiosity and I went back to the spot and kept on licking and she started moaning more and it was mind-blowing to me how that pleased her more than it did when I ate her pussy. That was the first time someone had ever done that to her and that was my first time eating ass. I am a big pleaser and with other people I met afterward and had sexual intercourse, it kind of happened. The experience is high-tension. Their moans and body movements make you want to do it more. I feel a lot of people see anal play as very forbidden and it makes it hotter when you are doing it. It’s different from eating pussy. It’s not regular. It’s basically licking around and giving pleasure. Spit on it, lick it and suck on it a little bit but it’s mostly licking. I find myself washing my mouth afterward. Most times before sex, I prefer she showers. I heard some girls like it when a guy doesn’t shower because they have a flavor on the dick. If this is a sex buddy, I would prefer we shower so we are both clean.

Emeka, 23

A babe came to my house and we were getting nasty, so she starts sucking my dick and from there she goes to my balls and licks up on my ass. She asks if I have ever gotten my ass eaten and I was like ‘Nah, I don’t mind doing it, I heard it’s nice.’ Next thing, she is between my thighs, and my legs are up. I am like ‘oh this is amazing.’ I was moaning. She keeps going on. The feeling is different. It feels like heaven. You know the feeling when you get high and you hit the jackpot or something amazing just happened, that’s how it feels. It felt like I just got high instantly. On social media, I have seen that the g-spot is in the ass and I am starting to believe it’s true. After that, I lay down on the bed and I was like ‘wow, amazing shit.’ It was an amazing experience. I feel like more guys out there should probably experiment and let it happen but I mean I know guys are going to form. I advise guys to try it.

Tolu, 22

This girl I was seeing at the time asked if I eat ass, I told her I have never done it but I would not be opposed to it. That was the first time I ate ass and it was fun. I dated another girl, but there was a certain taste that made me nauseous when I ate her ass. Afterward, she told me she had just bleached. At that point, I didn’t know people bleached. I kinda complained about it a bit and I don’t think she did it again after that. I didn’t tell her not to but I told her there was a certain taste it had and it was kind of choking. For me to eat ass, the person needs to be hygienic. Fortunately for me, I have always been with clean freaky girls. That’s probably why I was willing to try it in the first place. I enjoy my experience with them. It’s a lot of tongue work. I love it when I am eating her ass and she grabs my head and shoves my face deeper because she is enjoying it a lot. I feel like it’s probably an underrated experience. There’s just something about your face in between two cheeks. It’s different from eating pussy and I feel a lot of people are missing out because of fear of shit. I am not the kind of person who is down for anything but I am willing to try new experiences which is the reason I started in the first place. I am the kind of person that derives pleasure from pleasing someone. If she is having fun, I am having fun.

Shehu, 26

Receiving is really good because there is a lot of nerve endings in the butt that a lot of guys don’t like to explore. For guys who do explore and my ex-girlfriend who did explore, getting your ass eaten and eating someone’s ass is quite pleasurable. Receiving is wonderful because of the nerve endings, giving is pleasurable because of the pleasure the person is letting out like moans. Both the person and I are having a great time which makes me feel I am doing something right.

Olu, 23

In 2016 or 2017, I met my ex who was a virgin at that time. She was not quite comfortable with sex so we watched porn together to teach her how to give head and try out things to spice up the relationship. We would watch porn, then try some things out. She did not like receiving head at first. After some time, she got used to giving her head and that made me want to give her head more. There was this particular day we watched porn of a guy eating ass and a few days later, we tried it. I started doing it bit by bit and that is how I started eating ass. At first, it was weird and she would kind of complain a little. I eat small and I lick small but after a few times, she got used to it. She didn’t complain much after a few times. We started doing it frequently. I have not had any bad experience eating ass. I have never had the experience of faeces coming out of the ass while I am eating it. Eating ass is quite fantastic but for the first few times when you start, it is weird until it becomes something you do frequently. Once you get used to it and you are doing it for a particular person. It is just like every other sexual journey you go on. At first, it might look weird but once you continue doing it, it will be normal.

Jamal, 27

Like many other things I have tried, I just like to see what it’s like. I’m curious like that. The first time I ate ass, it was not like I was fascinated by the idea of it. I mean I just wanted to try it and tick it off my to-do list. The first girl I did it with really enjoyed it. She had never had her ass eaten before. There is this tingly sensation in the asshole. If you have a female friend who has had their ass eaten, they will tell you it is quite different from having the pussy eaten. The reason I still do it is because of the pleasure it gives to the next person. Also, I think I have an ass fetish though I am more of a breast guy. I love the idea of the asshole. I love to stick my finger in it. For some people, what comes to their head when they hear eating ass is asshole and shit but it’s not. It is basically just a surface. You are not sticking your tongue into the anus because it will be nasty as fuck. That is next to impossible because you have to apply a certain amount of force except the asshole is loose as fuck but it is just too stressful. It’s not like eating pussy where it is very tender. Eating ass is like licking bare skin. What gives you that feeling that it is more than that is your sense of smell. Your nose is the closest thing to your mouth and you use your mouth to eat ass so your nose is going to pick up that smell which will either discourage you or encourage you to go on. What I do to avoid awkward situations is to make sure she takes a shower and cleans up real nice so that way there is little or no smell to pick up and you can make it kinky; there is ice cream. The asshole is little, you have to find a way to make it fun for you. Personally, I enjoy doing it.

Ifeanyi, 25

I think I always had a thing for exploring and had a couple of things in my head I knew I wanted to try for myself. I went to a strip club with a friend of mine and we had drinks, danced, and caught a vibe. The night felt special so when we got home I wanted to try something different to please her so we started making out. Then I went down on her and at the same time put a finger in her butthole. She was really clean and I feel like that is what gave me the ginger to slide a bit further. I got to eat her ass and it was really dope cause she liked it. It gave some orgasms and also made the sex more intense.

*This article is based on real-life events. The names used are mere pseudonyms to protect the identities of the individuals mentioned in the article.

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