Beware! The Nigerian Military Might Be Coming For You If You’re Anti-Government

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Numerous Hollywood movies have touched on spying on citizens by various arms of the US Government including the NSA, CIA and FBI. The same has not quite been the case on the Nigerian side with the matter being a non-issue. Recent developments however, have thrust the Nigerian military into a world of watchfulness to ensure that anti-military rhetoric has no place.

Major General John Enenche in an interview with Channels TV reasserted President Buhari’s argument that the fight against reinsurgency must be upped a notch. Enenche argued that social media is a double edged sword citing a fake speech that was circulated after President Buhari’s address to the nation earlier in the week. While that was unproblematic, Enenche then goes on to state that the military possesses media centres who seek out individuals who are anti-government, anti-military and anti-security before tackling them with appropriate responses.

While it is important that the military has its eyes on social media, Enenche lost the plot the moment he suggested that those who are against the government need to be acted against seeing as that is one of the bedrocks of democracy.

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