Nonso Amadi and uax go Retro for ‘Radio’ Video

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In the past year, nobody has garnered a core following solely based off the internet like Nonso Amadi. With very few shows prior to his London show earlier in May which has been followed up by some performances in Toronto, Amadi has unconventionally had the music alone make the jump for him. Armed with nominations against the likes of Davido for the Afrima Fans Favorite Award, he has begun to make the moves necessary to establish himself as a household name in the Nigerian music industry as he releases his second music video for 2016 closer, Radio.

Face recognition is essential and that’s what these videos are going to do for the artist who is in most up next conversations. In Radio, Amadi and director, uax go retro as they show scenes of Toronto’s cultural diversity alongside Nonso Amadi and a lover who fights her urges to reply to a letter of his while being forced to remember him as his music permeates the air.

With this release, Amadi has continued to put out material at a heightened pace this final quarter as he works towards his first Lagos show scheduled for December 19th.

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