Novacane XO Deepens His Trap Renaissance In The Industry On ‘Suicide Doors’

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Informally known as Nigeria’s Trap Holy Grail, Afro Trap artist, David Usoro, professionally known as Novacane XO is currently bringing what he describes as a fresh vibe to the industry stewed in street-conscious and inspiring music. So far, Novacane XO has had an impressive run in the industry, with several stellar singles and an EP, to his name. Already, he has amassed several thousands of streams, as well as a vibrant cult following, and today, he continues down the line with Suicide Doors.

The song, which is an ode to hustlers on the streets, is a vulnerable and emotionally-laden ghetto gospel. Spotting a high-tempo that showcases his poetic and vivid lyricism, Novacane XO pours out. With this Suicide Doors, he deepens his Trap Renaissance in Nigeria’s music industry, which is still largely tilted towards Afro-Pop and RnB.

“I always like to encourage people who are struggling as I did. I grew up in the Ghetto and I have faced poverty before. I want people to believe that you can still make it no matter what,”

he said, on his inspiration behind the song.

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