NSYC Camp Diary Day 11: Man O’ War

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Officially my funnest day so far. Friday’s are generally relaxing, but the programme itself has become a lot more relaxed. So the only programme for me was Man O’ War. This is the only thing I mentally prepared myself for before coming to camp. The obstacle and assault courses and all those challenges. I was prepared for the physical torture! But it was fun. The thing is, I like stuff like this so I was motivated motivated motivated.

I got down and dirty and loved it. (Editor’s Note: Are you sure it’s just obstacle drills we’re talking about?)

This part of camp is where the physical prepares you for the mental. Using teamwork to get over a 12ft wall, focusing on the end point to maintain balance, crawling through tunnels and seeing the light at the end, laying low under jagged conditions, endurance, trust, determination. I could go on but you get the picture. It was from doing this that I realized the entire essence of camp. People tell you, but you don’t listen. Camp is for preparation. It’s so easy to stick to your clique, but here you get exposed to different types of people of all sorts of backgrounds. There are the married women, mothers, engaged women, fresh graduates, internationals, homegrowns, The Lagos Johnny Just Comes in my room. And everyday, I learn something new.

Okay, enough of the sloppiness. I’ve had to fetch water from a well so I hate this place again. Ahn! They said Ice Prince is coming and I’m here in my mud ridden clothing fetching from a well. And there’s a line. *puts on flirt face*

Ladies: Here’s a tip. It’s very easy to not do much when you smile and say hi all the time. There are guys here that will do stuff for you. I’m not saying empty their wallets in Mami o! But don’t stress. Especially when it comes to queuing and fetching from a well.

Like I said, Ice prince. Lagos camp has a lot of sponsors, so there’s money being thrown around.

Take a look at this line up:
Harrysongs didn’t come through, but M.I did. So oh ye corpers of other camps: Bad belle is allowed. (Editor’s Note: Apologies for that supremely razz pun.)

I made the mistake of not eating. I’m starting with two cans of orijin and then whatever happens
Not even gonna think about the aftermath…. Just going to have fun.

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