Nú Baby Is Charged With Sound And Sensation On ‘Two For You’

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It’s a new year and artists are scrubbing lives of their past work in readiness for the development of new personas driven by mostly new sounds and fresher perspectives on their careers. This is not an uncommon phenomenon, neither among established names nor, up and comers. For Nú Baby, starting on a clean state doesn’t exactly translate to a clean sweep of his past but a revamp on for his first attempt at stealing our attention in 2021, he shares a two-part single, aptly titled Two For You, including the earlier released Obodo Gidi and With You.

Two For You is an easy but emotionally intense six-minute journey into Nú Baby‘s swirling and captivating interpretations of Afropop, Jazz, and RnB, powered by the strongest element of all, love.

Coupled with his brashness, Nú Baby employs Two For You as his own love manifesto. The two-part single also serves as a metaphorical mission statement for the year.

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