Davido Gets Double Crossed in Nwa Baby Video.

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Davido Gets Double Crossed and Ends Up Locked Up in Nwa Baby Video.

A host of features and now his third single have helped Davido do the seemingly impossible, follow up the monster of a year that was 2017. One theme has been constant with Flora My Flawa and Assurance and it’s a language many can relate to, love. On ‘Nwa Baby‘ Davido, we walk with Davido on a journey of love and sappy lyrics.

It’s an almost perfect blend of Fresh’s alternative electric synths, a colorful mix of percussion instrumentals punctuated by calculated pads that inspire complete body movements while still exuding elements of Afrobeat.

As OBO prepares to head on the Locked Up US Tour, he isn’t willing to let us out of his whirlpool of club banging singles and we also become privy to where the tour name comes from. We’re here for it.

In the video, directed by Meji Alabi, OBO’s lover robs a gas station and he ends up assisting her as she goes on the run. OBO soon ends up getting double crossed and sees his car stolen before ending up getting caught and arrested.


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