NYSC Camp Diary Day 12: Another Saturday

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When you wake up at 3:30am, there’s no need for sunglasses. So that hangover has to be dealt with, by torches shining in your eyes! Then the off key sound of the beagle. Then the drum during national and NYSC anthems. Then the morning work out.
Hangovers have no place in this place. But they happen. So once breakfast came, I think I ran, to go eat fried yam and egg. 😫😫😫

The worst part of this camp comes in form of the lectures. Not because they are lectures, but because they are all the same!! I don’t know how I get through them.

Saturday’s are chilled so I opted to put mine to good use. I went to play volleyball. This wasn’t a problem till I remembered that we had a parade after. I had just skipped lunch, so while marching (reluctantly)I felt dizzy.

I’d been in a shitty mood throughout today. So my excitement for tonight’s beauty pageant was absent. Though it rose a little for Burna Boy.

Another night, another concert. Chuddy K, Bez and Burna Boy. Remembering last nights hangover, I stuck to one can of Orijin. Apparently, one can should have a slight effect on you, but I don’t think that applies with me. I was sober as a carton of orange juice.

Not here to review performances, but the weekend has been top notch. After the competition, one of the contestants fainted and there was no light so there was a lot of commotion. My mood wasn’t so great so I just went to bed.

Don’t let your mood kill your experience guys.

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