NYSC Camp Diary Day 14: Competition time!

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Ladies and gentlemen, or rather future ‘gentlemen, cor’ members’ (feminists, you will have a problem with the mode of address here), I introduce to you the State Coordinator… Mr Cyril uhhmm… Yeah.

This man is hilarious. Now aside from the Mammy staff, basically everyone stays in the hostel… Army, police, security, and NYSC officials. So when an official goes out of his way to roam the corpers living side… He sees what he doesn’t seek. Apparently, boys’ toilets are nasty and the state coordinator won’t shut up about it. That line above there is an anthem out here. I’m sure EVERYONE who stayed in camp will know it. There’s not a morning he has failed to remind us (well the guys) to flush!

It so has it that today my platoon is in the table tennis semi finals, volleyball semi finals, dance finals and drama finals. So all things leading to ‘parade practice/ marching aren’t happening. To be honest, after the congested room sizes, that’s my most dreaded thing in this place. Most of my friends know I lack the ability/talent to dance. So when it comes to marching, I’m not any better.

I think my platoon instructors got this message when my balance and timing failed in morning practice. So after lectures, I moved to bed. I only intended to wait till volleyball practice, but I overslept, and for the first time ever, thank God for the beagle. That thing woke me up just in time to join practice.

Unfortunately, we lost our match. 🙁 (woefully at that), so we’re in for third place. After that, was drama and dance practice. At every opportunity to avoid parade, I added myself into the drama. The team spirit was actually amazing. In both competitions we placed. 2nd and 3rd respectively. Platoon turn up in the mami? Not tonight.

Competitions actually make camp go round. Everything is a competition, if not by the officials, then by someone else. A guy showing off, a girl battling for attention, who can spend the most and those type of things.

I can’t tell you if this is good or bad, use your discretion. Don’t go and do more than your pocket.

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