NYSC Camp Diary Day 15: Civilisation, is that you?

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Hello Civilisation.

Since we entered single digit countdown days, two things have been happening.

  1. People are getting emotional, talking about missing this place. 😐
  2. People are leaving camp. Some for hours, some for days, some have given up.

Addressing the latter, I’m like… WHY? Why would you give up now? You’ve come so far! But then again, I get it.

Leaving reminds you that you are NOT a prisoner. So I got in on the fun. Leaving is difficult and easy at the same time. There’s sickness, family issues, death, get money and then to ‘gather apparel necessary for participation in Mr.Macho.’

Yes, these are all excuses. Most importantly,  they work. I won’t tell you what I used but I got a two day exeat which meant leave today, return tomorrow.

I wasted it. I left but I was back in a couple hours. Basically l left to utilise a clean toilet, enjoy a great meal (moi moi, snail and meat pie) and get some air conditioned breeze.

This brings me to the first point made. People are going to miss camp. Look, you are human. You’ve made it this far. Camp will be missed. As horrid as the living conditions are, as regimented as the routines are, as monotonous as the food options are, as annoying as parade is, as hot as the sun blares, as boring as the lectures are: You will miss it.

The truth is camp is the last form of freedom you’ll have. The responsibilities are about to kick in. Work life is coming, a salary will be made. While camp might seem frustrating, it’s also the most worry free place ever. So while you’re eager to leave these harsh conditions, know what you’re about to get into.

Side note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! If you have any health issues let NYSC KNOW!!

Apparently the Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful contestant that fainted, was diabetic and hadn’t eaten all day.
Eez not by force!

Also, an asthmatic patient lost her waist pouch with her medication and inhaler inside. She had an asthma attack while in her room but had no spare. Get back up!!!

Health is more important than anything. And while there are some silly officials that’ll doubt you, you know your conditions.

Thank God I’m blessed with good health. But while I have minor issues, I know what I need and always have it on me.

Please please please look after yourself. There have been no casualties and I continue to pray so.

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