NYSC Camp Diary Day 17: Winner ooooooooo Winner!!

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So I completely forgot that my platoon was on duty today and somehow volunteered for kitchen duty. WELP!! 😫

However, because I’m on afternoon duty, I get to stay indoors. At least in my mind. So I did just that. I slept till my duty came, and when it did, I moved to collect meal tickets in the kitchen.

But Yeah, that’s a long way from the start of my day. Apparently, there’s fuel scarcity in the outside world: which explains the poor lighting conditions and the lack of generator. However, yesterday (my day of absence) someone donated 500 litres of diesel to this camp.

Last night, my platoon won the singing competition which was sponsored by indomie. There was a cash prize and a fridge for the winner. So our instructors are on some sort of high. Today’s gonna be good, I thought. Well, it wasn’t bad.

We won our volleyball match and our platoon placed, so medals were given. Now, volleyball was sponsored by Cowbell, so aside from the free goodies, there was a cash prize too. Now I understood why platoon leaders wanted us to win so bad.

Also today was a roommate’s birthday. However, she only whispered it yesterday. Fortunately, we were able to organise a cake, crate of malt and a nice card. 😊😊 It’s always nice to surprise people, even if you’ve only known them for a short while. Besides, shorty genuinely deserved it. On numerous occasions, she’s fetched me buckets of water. Guys, if anyone ever does that for you in camp. CHERISH THEM!!

The turn up for my platoon was real; we also won the cooking competition. 💃💃💃 as with all competitions,  a cash prize was involved, and the winner hit a fridge too. So our platoon party tonight was sure to be turnt. It wasn’t. The ‘DJ’ was scraps and the money didn’t reach. 😫 But hey! It’s camp, so you learn to make the most of it, as you do with anything.

That’s really the key to survival in this place. Making the most of it all. Have fun, join competitions, win prizes, talk to people, get you a camp boo: Camp is survivable people. I’m still here!

Lastly, I’ve found out where people are having sex. THE GENERATOR HO– USE!! As described by my roommate

That place is very quiet, and dark. It makes sense.

A couple girls have been branded Smoothie and Shawarma girls. After 5 days of purchasing for them, the cookie jar haff open!! Not one to slut shame, I mean do you shawty, but as another roomie said…

Your mates have secured houses on banana island and G-wagon, you’re still securing shawarma and smoody. 😂😫

Have fun guys, but don’t devalue yourself.