NYSC Camp Diary Day 18: ALLOWEE!!!!

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Pronounced: alahwee!!

All other camps have received their first allowance as a corper. Only Lagos. On top our money having selves, everyday sponsors and the lot, no allowance yet. Now I understand the morning drill song ‘if allowee no dey, yawa go dey.’

As we lined up this morning, I carried the gist of the corpers in the gen house to the parade ground because you know, amebo like me. I really felt like a G! Till I was told about the ‘sex room’.

Ladies and gentlemen. Can I just say innovation peaks in times of desperation. While that mindset carries you through camp, sometimes it’s not that deep. The gen house crew have been topped by the orgy group. These are the people who created a room with stacked chairs in a square to ‘release’ themselves. 3 weeks is really too long for some. I’m not judging though.

As it’s the last Friday in this place, turn up is expected. I’m yet to see a stage sha, but there is hope. There was however lions den today… Basically dragons den. While some ideas were interesting, personally for me, they weren’t captivating/persuading. So I lost interest very quick, but had to pay attention because a good friend was presenting.

As the event drew to an end, we noticed a man pinning digits to the tent. This means one thing: ALLOWEEE!!!!

As the event ended, the parade ground became world war Z. I saw gymnasts jumping over chairs to get to the front of the line, I saw tackles and take downs, Isaw weaves being ripped, I saw punches, scratches, spitting and well, it really wasn’t that deep, but that’s what I saw: manic. All in the name of collecting allowee.

So I and a couple friends went off to chill. I encouraged them to get an HIV test done. After doing an HIV test, most people expect to hear: ‘what’s your status?’ But my friend asked:

‘Are you sexually active?’

The reaction to this question was quite interesting. The foreign corpers were more open in responding. In comparison to the home corpers. Just an interesting observation.

Anyways, today is Mr. Macho/Miss NYSC. So as a manager, I should be prepping my clients. I should get them what they want and need, I should provide moral support, right? Let me take a quick nap though. Almost 3 hours later, and I arise from my nap. Yeah, I hope they aren’t mad.

I step out to find the stage and sponsors. You know how we do it big in Lagos, but all I see is Oral B and a step top. Has it been cancelled or has Lagos failed to show hands?
Well, the show goes on.

There were 4 different rounds

Mr Macho
Baby oil: 😍😍
Khaki: 😍
Trad: 😍😍😍
Suit: 😍😍😍😍

Sports wear
Dinner gown.

It was a great competition, and after running around for the two contestants, I was famished and annoyed that neither of them placed, but ample pictures were taken. Also, the prize wasn’t that amazing, so I’m not burnt.

No artists came tonight, no turn up. But the event ended around midnight. Luckily, things have been rearranged. Wake up time is at 6am!! 😊😊😊

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