NYSC Camp Diary Day 19: bonfire

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Day 19: Bonfire!!

It’s raining!!! I’m not sure if it’s unique to Lagos corpers or if it’s an all round thing, but when it rains, everything stands still. No room for much. So there was additional time in the room this morning.

When we eventually moved out, the ground was wet and it was cold. So it was under the canopy again to watch the parade competition. (March past). All of a sudden it began to rain again:  Harsh winds with the canopy rising. So it was back into the hostel we went.

Out again, an hour later and the competition finishes up. However by this time, most of us were in the Mammy drinking again. By 12pm. The day went quick and by 6pm, the parade ground was a gyration point. Meanwhile in Mammy, preparations for the bonfire were being made,
Apparently we’re to party till dawn! All this was done simultaneous with a cooking competition. My platoon won, and there was plenty of food to go round. So food, fire, music and alcohol. I think I can spell ‘fun’ somewhere in there. But it didn’t bang!

Nopes, not a tiny bit. Actually the alcohol came clutch. From bullet to Henny (both contraband) and the kissmix and snapp. So did the food, except I had a very little appetite, so. And the fire, well it was flames! So it was the absence of music that ‘deaded the P’s.’

It was fun when we danced around the camp fire though, belting out man-o-war tunes. We ‘turned up’ till 1am, which is amazing for a camp night. And off to bed we all went.