NYSC Camp Diary Day 21: Otondo!!

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Day 21: MAMA I MADE IT!!!

🎶 It’s over! It’s over now move over!!!🎵

Have you ever been excited to wake up at 4am? (Apart from the day before Disneyland 😔)

We are!! We’ve come to the end of the journey and well, THANK YOU GOD!!!

I’m lying here as everyone around me packs and dresses up in their ceremonial attire. I really made it through with my Ajebutter self!!

The morning procedure was inexistent and it was Breakfast time. Off to the Mammy market, one last time. It seemed however, that no one had food left. Everyone was eating out and everything was running out.

Time for passing out ceremony, and while it’s hot as a ever, everyone is sentimental and calm. You have camp couples holding on for the relationship ends here, you have cliques taking photos, numbers exchanged, and some silent tears. You also have the faces of the returned. The ones that never stayed, or ran away in the early days, the nursing mothers and the preggers. EVERYONE (that I’d encountered) was back, apart from one roommate who went for her graduation.

The ceremony ended and off to collect our posting letters. It felt like results day. This was the beginning of a very long and stressful day. Possibly even more stressful than registration day. From camp -your bank – your ppa – your local govt. Then you can go home. But fuel scarcity!

So the hustle as a corper begins. Sharing taxis, asking for lifts and just like that Allowee might just be finished. None of the procedures have been followed, but all will be at some point, for now, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep.

I loved camp! And YES I’d do it again.

Otondo out! ✌️