NYSC Camp Diary Day 3: we’ve started having fun!

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      Today was the first day I had fun.
      This is the general consensus for everyone here, especially the girls in my room.

We’ve concluded there’s a guy in this camp with Arab money. He walks around with MOPOL. Some girls are ready to fight for camp boo.

Speaking of which, I saw mine (camp boo) today again. He wanted to do breakfast, but I needed to rest. Then I lost him. The ‘toasters’ are much though.

Today was swearing in day, which meant parade time. Best believe we stood under the sun for ages!! I’m getting tanned. It’s a sexy bronze glow, so I’m not complaining. Some people are. One boys’ trousers tore while standing at attention. He wasn’t wearing boxers!!! 😫😂😭😂 (He wore pant, relax)

We had a lot of rest time today, and we were supposed to get allowance too. However I chose sleep, so I missed it all. We found a place with nice small chops great enough to chill and play cards. Moments like that are great!!

After, we had a long talk, from some old guy. It went on forever. It seems those things are common round here. Long talks with a whole lot being said but no point being made. I’m learning to be patient.

We had to chose platoon reps for the various committees and I was pressured into being the Asssistant Platoon leader. I hated that a female had to be secondary – yes I’m a feminist- so I didn’t care if I lost. But apparently, my platoon wanted me as the social rep. So I’m in charge of music, drama and dance. With some other guy.

From platoon meeting, it was off to the Mammy market! And turn up we did. Night time camp is the best even though we just sat at the table and enjoyed each other’s company. It was fun. Still meeting people but that’s great. 😊

I got back to my room and the girls were discussing their purpose for camp. A large number of these ladies are here to find husbands.

Everyone is frustrated and tired together, so we’re having fun together!

Camp is fun, when you’re not under the sun. Or you don’t have to wake up early.

Apparently, Wande Coal, Basket mouth and others are coming tomorrow. So a little excitement.