NYSC Camp Diary Day 5: Camp Ot’ Kek

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There’s no such thing as a Saturday in this place. The wake up time is the same. In fact at 10am, I genuinely felt like it was 2, so I called a friend. He was asleep because he’d only gotten in a few hours earlier. 😩😫😩😩😩

Now, there’s things to see in this camp. But the last thing you want is a notification on your phone that says ‘period day is coming.’ Immediately after that I just became tired and irritated. I slept about 3 times and was moody quite a bit.

But the mood doesn’t stop what needs to happen from happening. Being the social rep, I have to coordinate drama, dance and music with my male co rep. His name is K. He’s a fine boy. This ends here. Anyway, social rep means happy faces. That’s not really hard.

“You really should compete for Miss NYSC.”

“I expect you’re the one who will be representing our platoon in Miss NYSC.”

I get that a lot. Now, I don’t think I’m the best looking girl in my platoon, but I seem to be popular with the lads. Mainly because I stand at the back of the line, but also because some legit want to be my ‘friend’. Anyways, it’s seeming like I’m a hot spice in this place. Can’t go anywhere without anyone saying hi. I’ve been stopped multiple times and asked for my name, and sometimes my number. Still no camp boo yet.

Speaking of which, I bumped into the first camp boo. He had gotten a new phone and collected my number. Who knows? I might just be back in. Besides, money is finishing. Yeah, money finishes QUICK here. Like, wow.
In general, romances out here are firing up. I’ve seen quite a bit of hand holding, and a lot of shawarma dining. Couples are being established. One of my friends has his eye on a shawty. Lol.
Even me, I no dey carry last you need someone to entertain you during those long tedious lectures.

Actually you need someone to keep you on track. I’m blessed with someone who calls me everyday so I can vent and I still feel like my sanity is slipping. Though I’m grateful. 💛

Today was open mic night. I really can’t explain it. But I’ll tell you this, those people that go on Nigeria’s Got Talent. They aren’t paid. They exist in our society and I witnessed their type in the flesh.

Back to the Mammy market we went after (during) the show. It’s an alcohol free night for me though. Apparently we get to rest tomorrow. I need that peaceful sleep.

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