NYSC Camp Diary Day 7: We’re 33.3% through

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Sunday was rest day.. So I observed it well. Even though I woke up hella paranoid awaiting the beagle sound at 3:30 am. Once 5 reached and nothing went off, I slept. And well nothing to post.


I’ve reached a 3rd of this dreadful way. However today was definitely my most testing day!! Talk about stress! I mean I was ‘on duty’ so I was exempted from many tasks, and I also had security duty… Probably the easiest thing you will ever do. Unfortunately, when I woke up, things weren’t right.

I went to the clinic this morning, with a throat infection. Seeing as I had tonsillitis 3 times last year, I was sure of what was wrong.
I got there (around 11) asking for a specific antibiotic telling them my symptoms and the solution.
They asked me to come back by 4.
I told them that the symptoms would worsen because well, I KNOW my body. Truly within three hours I had a fever and my tonsils had inflamed!
I went back and they said “it’s just sore throat.” 😂😫
I insisted on lying down and taking something immediately, so I asked for anti inflammatory tablets to reduce the swelling and the fever and now my tonsils are better, the fever is gone and the pain has reduced.
Moral of this story: STAND BY YOUR OWN SELF DIAGNOSIS!!! These medics don’t know scraps!! 😭😭😭

Btw: they tested me for malaria because ‘sore throat’. 😐

(Still no antibiotics sha, but the anti inflammatory tabs are working).

This camp thing is weird. You’ve spent such a short time with certain people, but then you’ve grown so fond. Fighting with people is not an option. So if you intend on lasting the whole duration, be ready to bear people’s bad behaviour. 

I bumped into a ‘camp friend’ after I left the clinic and in order to take my medicine, I needed to eat. So I told him to direct me. I ordered, ate and paid. PROBLEM!!! I paid. This guy basically shouted at me for paying for my own food. Apparently “It’s wrong. You don’t do that, it’s rude.” 😂😫😂😫

My money is finishing, if I had known, Oga, you’d’ve taken the wheel bruh!!

On running from him, I bumped into someone from my platoon. I said a casual hi and shook his hand, as you do. Then, well

I want to tell you something.

 What’s up? 

: Lean closer.

*follows command*

: I’m falling in love…*tightens grip on my hand.*

: 😳😳😳😳😳😳

Okay (Ever heard I think My Dad’s Gone Crazy? Remember how Haley said ‘Okaaayyyy then’?)

I ran! 🏃🏃🏃💨💨💨💨

The crazy thing is I only ever spoke to him yesterday. And well I don’t remember his name, there’s only so many people around you so it’s a natural thing, right?

I’m a lot better now, more distracted by personal things. But yay me.