NYSC Camp Diary Day 8: only?

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This morning, at 5:25am a corps member was brought out for ‘being rude’. She’s being made a ‘scape goat.’ Apparently, she’s gonna face the camp court for asking the officer “if that’s all you want to do to me” after she was asked to kneel down for wearing slippers.

This reminds me of secondary school. It’s too early. I feel hungover because of my medication. But hey! We move.

We move back to the ward because on doing the first activity I felt like I was going to drop. It was supposed to be rest till breakfast. Eat then steady leave. But 10:45, I’m ONLY JUST taking antibiotics after asking 3 times, my temperature going up and slipping in and out of sleep (felt more like consciousness) a couple times. I’ve finally taken everything. So hopefully, in the next hour/2 at max, I’ll be out of here.

I woke up at 12pm, and was given anti malaria tablets. You’d think this would mean it’s time to go right? Nopes, Mother Nature argued otherwise. I had to wait 2 hours for someone to get me a change of clothes from the hostel.

When I finally left. I took care of myself and off to prepare for drama. Now, I don’t know if it was the meds, but I somehow managed to misplace a number of things. Someone gave me an insect repellant cream and an insect bite cream. When I eventually found them, the tubes had been taken out and the cardboard packaging was all that was left for me. 😭😭😭

It was a calm evening and well not much happened afterwards.

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