NYSC Camp Guest Diary Day 10: Mr Macho or nah?

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Naturally, I’m a shy guy. I like my private life, I avoid the spotlight, I keep it lowkey. So when the idea of me as Mr Macho was thrown my way, I shrugged it of. Naaaaahh mate.

Not interested!

Little did I know that it was all Inception… Except it was real time. Not a single part of me was sleeping. Yet every one had the idea planted in their head that I was the platoon representative for Mr. Macho.

Confused isn’t even strong enough to convey how I felt. I came to camp to chow mami food, drink orijin and… Babes! How am I supposed to win with my abs ‘unfleeking’. I’m a simple average height guy, dark-skinned and quite built. Besides have you seen the Bricklayers in the other platoons? Omo I no fit!

Was I really the only fitting candidate? I decided to take matters into my own hands to find a substitute. He didn’t mind doing it, he is bulked, the ladies think he’s fine, his head sha dey there!

So that’s sorted!

I’ve filled in the form bar one section. Name. That just seals the deal. It makes the whole thing real. I’m really too shy for this. This NYSC bants really moves you out of your comfort zone. So I’m really bout to be a baby boy bathed in baby oil? Damn

Well even if I can’t chow well and drink no more, the ladies GATS come, no?

Stay Blessed.

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