NYSC Diary Day 13

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Happy Sleepday Sunday!!

Knowing that there’s no reason to wake up, and one can lie in on a Sunday is a blessing. I never appreciated the goodness that is a Sunday before camp. If I never galavant or work or spend the day in the kitchen. Never do I just rest.
However it turns out lack of structure makes things boring. When everyone is sleeping somewhere. There’s just this boredom that takes over. And to be quite frank, at some point, you lose interest in sleep, especially when your body has grown accustomed to 3-5 hours of it per day.

Don’t argue with me. I can out sleep a good 80% of you here.

So like I said, lack of structure means so little happens and with everyone still arguing that Miss Bold and Beautiful shouldn’t really have won. (Check Bella Naija for pictures) do you agree?

Also, there’s a big argument across the girls room about Burna’sage. To some he’s 24, to others that’s ‘bloody impossible, when he’s not a footballer, why is he lying? He’s 28, last last.’

By 4pm I was all sorts of done with sleep, so I moved to the Mammy market to hunt for food. The thing with food here is that it’s very monotonous. There’s only so much variety. Also, money’s almost finished, so mans can’t ball out and have Sunday Turkey with rice. Sunday night is chilled. It’s one of those couple up nights and we’ve been here long enough for couples to be established. So there’s a lot dotted around the vicinity, and some are hidden – privacy is a scarce thing.

For anyone planning on staying in camp, get a group of friends, a pack of Whot cards and a nice shaded area for your Sundays. It’ll pass a couple hours by.

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