Obani’s Debut EP Highlights Her Sterling Credentials

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Who better to tell sonic love stories with women as the main characters than a woman who is adept with a pen and armed with sultry vocals to ease listeners into whatever story she’s telling. Birmingham-based Singer-songwriter, Obani knows this and she taps into it on her debut EP, How She Loves, a four-track EP that appreciates the joys of womanhood over a mix of silky acoustics sharpened by the occasional bass that makes it a trendy release capable of catching the attention of a diverse body of listeners in current times.

Introduced by Crystals released earlier this year, How She Loves, reverberates the flowery and rowdy thoughts of every girl with ties to self-esteem issues as denoted by Crystals itself, unrequited love highlighted via sprightly percussions on Mr. Postman, a return to insecurity prompted by the antagonist’s battle with main character syndrome on the percussion powered Mirrors and stirring emotions signified by the highest points of her vocal delivery on the project on Colours, the EP’s closer.

A sharp contrast to the limited number of subjects she explores in the equally short project, How She Loves is not lacking in sounds or words. Obani with her arsenal of touching words, is as daring as they come as she dips into different eras and cultures to put together a sound plane wider than expected for a debut project. Country music influences are prime, soft rock is pronounced and the sprightly Pop that has taken the likes of Lizzo to the top is palpable in just four tracks.

Perhaps a thing of her legal background, the singer-songwriter whose career only took off in 2019 with the very personal Story Of My Life seeks to not only give listeners a wide view of her colorful mind, a replica of most women’s out there, but to make a bold statement by way of a minimalist approach evidenced in her choice of EP length, sounds, and stories that creates opportunities for each element to shine making for a remarkable debut that appraises Obani’s penmanship and vocals above all else.

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