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Did you know that there are approximately 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide? Can you imagine all the different ways in which we all use the internet? Obasanjo’s Internet is our interview series where we speak to some of our internet favourites on how they relate to the internet and what it means to them and their work. This week, events and bookings associate at Mavin Records, Igho Enaohwo talks to us about how he uses Obasanjo’s Internet.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Asides from personal hygiene, I go through my phone for messages.

How do you use the internet for work or pleasure?

I would say, these days 50% work and the rest for pleasure. And because of what I do, even if it’s for pleasure, it’s still work. They’re kind of intertwined

What moment or episode in your life would you say captured the essence of the internet?

There was a time we had a show in Ghana. It was the kind of show where you want to go in, do your thing and bounce. We were performing at a University outside Accra and when we landed at the airport, we saw a crowd of people dancing in front of their cars, waiting for us. The students of the university came to the airport to wait for us and were live tweeting and posting live pictures. We also realised we were trending because of that. It was quite exciting and funny at the same time.

Your favourite social media platform and why?

Snapchat. I like everything about it. Taking pictures, sending streaks and the group chat where everyone sends what’s happening in real-time.

What was the last meme you saved?

Do you remember the first time something you posted went viral? What was it? How did it make you feel?
I don’t think I’ve really had a viral moment. The only time something I posted got some attention was when a video I posted on the way to a show got reposted by a blog. I started seeing a lot of movement on my page. People were following and DMing me. I was gassed. I felt like a mini celebrity.

What’s the most outrage you have ever generated over something you posted? How did you react to it?

I’ve never had that moment. I’m low-key online, most times I just observe.

What rules do you live by on the internet?

My rule is “don’t do too much”.

What is your guiltiest online pleasure?

That would be checking out people I linked, watching their highlights and seeing what’s going on in their lives.

Would you say you have an online persona?

Yeah. Online, people think I’m the cool guy who is always just chilling. It’s very different from real life where work goes beyond the normal 9-5 hours and there are people calling through the night. People don’t comprehend there’s a flip side and pressure that comes with 24/7 meetings and spreadsheets. 

What’s your favourite emoji and why?

😁. I think it captures how I’m feeling most times. I always try to stay happy, be positive and avoid negative stuff.

Are you particular about your feed?

I am actually. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and I’m prone to procrastination so I follow a lot of motivational pages. At least if I scroll through ten posts, one of them would tell me to get off my ass and do something. When I see them, I remember what I’m supposed to do.

YouTube or TikTok? Which do you prefer and why?

I’m still trying to get the hang of Tiktok, it hasn’t really clicked for me.

Which Nigerian creator do you think the world needs to see and hear more of?


Who is the coolest person you follow and the coolest person who follows you?

It has to be Don Jazzy for both.

What is your favourite Nigerian podcast?

Afrobeats Intelligence by Joey Akan. I love that podcast.

Have you ever hooked up with someone you met online?

Yes, I have. 

5 people you’d love to see answer these questions

Tega, Blaqbonez, Mayokun, Chloe Bailey, Ayra Starr. 

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