OBT’s Debut Album ‘Birdie’ Highlights His Passion For His Craft

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What a time to be African. Africa’s greatest export is its music and OBT’s music is a fusion of all the elements of Africa’s sonic embodiment. After studying Music Production in South Africa, OBT returned to Nigeria where he founded ‘95 Issue, a creative media frontier. Under this imprint, OBT earmarked his presence on the music scene with his 2017 release, Killah, a groovy dancehall cut. With the appreciable success, Killah garnered, OBT would go on to release a string of singles including his stand-out track, Medasi, an eclectic riddim that cleverly combines elements of Ghana and Nigeria.

Following his several successes and being a staunch advocate of team effort. A pioneer in every right, OBT always seeks to alter the dynamics of the music business, and right off the back of years spent honing his sound and getting the world familiar, he shares his debut body of work, titled Birdie.

The twelve-track album plays like a collection of personal memories gathered through years of traveling around Africa and it embellishes diverse Afro-based sounds cohesively.

For OBT, the journey to putting together his debut might have been longer than he envisioned but the destination never changed and this much is palpable on every track on Birdie, from the earlier released Water to the sultry Debit Lover.


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