OCJ Merges Personalities On Nine-Track EP ‘The African Prince’

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With brilliant and powerful images to accompany his latest body of work, The African Prince, OCJ introduces a seemingly fashion-forward and quirky persona to back up the EP. Embodying a prince who takes pride in his African roots, the images visualize the fusion of two personalities that come together to give meaning to his self-proclamation.

A dedication paved journey of thirteen months, African Prince is OCJ’s passion project with tracks Jamaican Princess, The City, Bambabila, and Halley, highlighting commitment to sharing singles that are reflective of this personality.

Speaking on the EP release, OCJ said:

“African Prince is a new birth, it’s a new Africa, it’s a new generation of Africa. I am the new birth of Africa, and I am the new interpretation of Africa. I am the African Prince”

As art does, the EP shows a vulnerable side to the artist. With singles like Anita, there is room for revelation, acknowledgment, and acceptance of who he is becoming as an artist.

Recording Anita showed me my strengths and weaknesses as an artist, I knew that I could only get better and better going forward”


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